This Computer Will Soon Stop Receiving Google Chrome Updates

Google Chrome Icon

“This Computer Will Soon Stop Receiving Google Chrome Updates Because Windows XP and Windows Vista Will No Longer Be Supported”

Are you still using a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer?

Perhaps it’s time you considered upgrading your operating system, as Google is no longer offering any support or updates to the Chrome browser on Window XP and Windows Vista. April 2016 was scheduled to be the deadline for this, which has since been reached. » Read more

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Li-Fi

Li-fi Environment Set-Up

Li-Fi may be described an optical wireless networking system. Li-Fi networks are powered by rays in the visual range as well as in the infrared and UV range. Li-Fi is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi and does not require any wired connections.

Li-Fi uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) to enable data transfer at really high speeds, theoretically up to 224 Gbps. That is super fast, but in practical condition, Li-Fi have been found to be a lot lesser than that – 1 Gbps, which is nothing to be scoffed at.

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High Levels of Hard Faults Per Second

Fairly low amount of hard faults

Has your PC been very slow lately? If you have tried everything you could and your PC still doesn’t show any sign of speeding up, you should try starting Windows Research Monitor using the Task Manager. Or open Reliability and Performance Monitor using the Administrative Tools from the Control Panel.

Here, check the utilization rate in the CPU and the hard drive. Pay attention to the section called “Memory”. It shows something called “hard faults/Sec”.

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Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding and Has Recovered – Part 2

Have you had this warning message with your ATI graphic card?

“ATIKMDAG has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

This is something many users have experienced, especially when playing full-screen games. What happens is that the system freezes all of a sudden, goes completely black and reappears with the above warning message about the display driver ATIKMDAG not responding.

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Shockwave Flash Isn’t Responding Fix For Chrome

Have you often had a problem with the Shockwave Flash not responding as you want it to? Well, you should know that both Google and Mozilla have pulled support for the Shockwave Flash plugin from Chrome and Firefox respectively.

Shockwave Flash or Adobe Flash is used by websites to display multimedia items such as videos, graphics, animations and games. Shockwave Flash was once the standard for multimedia on most websites, but today, it has been replaced by HTML5. HTML5 is more effective and does not require browser plugins, which makes it so much more secure.

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