YouTube Videos Are Choppy Fix For Chrome

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Are You Finding That Watching Videos On YouTube Can Be A Frustrating Experience?

Whilst playing the videos there can be numerous pauses and breaks which make the experience less than satisfactory.

Here is a very simple solution to this problem in just a few short steps.

It simply requires you to disable pepperflashplayer in the Google Chrome plugins menu.

Just a note that this doesn’t work for everyone, it works roughly 50% of the time.

Step 1

Open The Chrome Plugins Selection

Open The Chrome Plugins Selection

In the Chrome address bar type in:


Step 2

Expand Details About The Plugins

Expand Details About The Plugins

Look at the top right hand corner of the screen and click on the plus symbol to expand details about your plugins.

Step 3

Disable The PepperFlash Plugin

Disable The PepperFlash Plugin

Search for the Shockwave Flash plugin called “pepperflash”

Click on the disable button to turn off this plugin.

Step 4

Exit from Google Chrome and then restart the browser.

Hopefully your videos will be less choppy and you can once again enjoy watching YouTube videos.

YouTube Choppy Video Fix Video

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