4 Causes of Long Delays When Right Clicking On Files

Why does Windows file explorer right click take so long?

You may have experienced this problem with the new Windows 8.1 or earlier versions of windows – when you right-click on anything on the desktop or the Windows Explorer, the right-click menu takes a long time, around 10 to 25 seconds, to load.

This is a common problem with Windows. It could be because you have too many third-party extensions added to the right-click context menus. Here, we tell you how to solve the problem of long delays when right clicking on files.

4 Possible Solutions To Right-Click Menu Delays

1: The Issue is with the Graphics Driver or Graphics Adapter

One of the reasons for the long delay when right clicking on files could be because you have installed the wrong graphics driver for your laptop. This may happen if you have upgraded to Windows 8.1 without checking beforehand if the right graphics driver has been released for the hardware or not.

So it is important to have updated graphics drivers for Windows 8.1, otherwise it would only slow things down. Even if you’re not able to get a specific graphics driver from your manufacturer’s website, just download the latest Windows 8 driver. This way, the right-click will become a lot faster.

Another trick is to uninstall the graphics driver and to reinstall it. Also, you can try disabling the display adapter on the Device Manager and then re-enabling it again after restarting the computer. This should work as well.

The Right Click Menu

The Right Click Menu

2: The Issue is with Third-Party Extensions

If the problem is not fixed by the graphics driver, then it is probably because of third-party extensions that show up on the right-click context menu. The right click may slow down not just because of the large number of items on it, but also because you have got the wrong entries in the right-click context menu.

One of the ways to deal with this problem is to use a program called ShellExView from NirSoft and find out which are the entries that are slowing the right-click. This is a very useful application that allows you to filter the entries on the right-click context menu. You may download it here. [http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html].

3: The Issue is with Certain Software Programs

The two methods given here should fix the problem. If there is still a delay when right clicking on files, then it could be because a software program installed on the laptop is interfering with the right-click process. Some of the programs that interfere with the working of the right-click context menu are StarDock apps such as WindowBlinds, Fences and Start8.

These programs affect how Windows functions and change its behavior and look. Uninstall such programs or any theme or skinning program that changes the way Windows looks. This could speed up the right click considerably.

4: The Issue is with the Registry

*Altering the registry can be quite risky, always backup before making any changes*

If none of the methods listed here work, you may want to try the last option, which is to clean up the registry. So, open the registry editor by going to the Charms bar and tying “regedit”.

Then, navigate to this key:


If you see any obscure entries here, delete them straight away. If you are confused whether to delete them or not, backup the key by right-clicking on ContextMenuHandlers and then clicking on Export.

The tips given here should fix the issue of slow right click context menus quite easily. If none of the methods work, then perhaps you should get your laptop examined by professional technicians.

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