Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding and Has Recovered Fix

Solutions For Fixing The Annoying Atikmdag BSOD or Blue Screen of Death

** Note – This Article is Very Old Now and May Not Be of Much Help – We Have Updated This Article With a Newer Version That Might Be of More Help **

ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding Part 2

Some of the comments at the bottom of this article may be of help though.

Purpose of this article

This error has been a constant problem on my new PC for the last 8 months. This particular error exists on both ATI and Nvidia cards and on a whole range of different PC builds.

The error you receive on the cards is different because obviously the driver that stops has a different name, but the symptom is the same, the screen will go blank and then sometimes the game/application will recover or it may crash. A small message will appear on the bottom right hand side of your screen if you are using Vista.

ATI Cards: Atikmdag has stopped responding and has successfully recovered

Nvidia Cards: nvlddmkm has stopped responding and has successfully recovered

This page contains all the information I have collected and possible fixes and puts them in one place.

This page will be constantly updated until a 100% Fix is found – the fixes that are listed work for some but not for others – so you might have to experiment a little until a solution is found

I will point Nvidia users to the best solutions for them and then list possible fixes for ATI users – I am a ATI card user myself and have found a few fixes which increase the stability of my system – this has reduced the frequency of the error but has not eliminated it entirely.

Fix 1 – Vista Users – ATI and Nvidia Users

Windows Hot fixes

Some users have solved the problem by actually uninstalling a windows hot fix, the “KB952287” patch. (Vista Users)

Matthew Utah (Popular Fix)

Posted at 6:14pm on August 25th, 2008

I had this problem and found it quite annoying. Due to other circumstances, I reinstalled Windows Vista, and found that I did not have this problem before installing updates. In fact, installing update KB952287 caused this problem to start, and when I un-installed this update, it went away.

I looked up the update, and it deals with some very specific SQL server issues that I will likely never deal with, so it will stay gone on my machine.

Karen Texas

Thank you Matthew from Utah!
Your solution worked for me.

I un-installed “update KB952287” and the problem is gone.

I also use the AMD 780G chip set.

Possible Helpful Patches

  • KB938194 – An update is available that improves the compatibility and reliability of Windows Vista
  • KB938979 – An update is available that improves the performance and reliability of Windows Vista

You may have these fixes installed already, write them down then check if you have them installed.

To check if you have them : start menu / control panel / system and maintenance / Windows updates / View update history

Fix 2 – Only using one stick of Ram – All Users

According to several posts I have read over the internet a sure-fire way to rid yourself of this problem is to only have one stick of ram in your PC. I personally have not tried this method as I only have 2gb of ram, reducing it to 1gb would not be enough for me as I am using Vista and have to run several applications.

quote from ocforums:

“Drivers, software, vista driver structure and sub-level timings, etc…simplest way to get rid of the problem is to run one single RAM stick…I kid u not. 1 ram stick and u will see the issue vanish almost instantly!”

If you are so sick of this problem and can reduce your PC to only one stick of ram then give it a go.

*Warning* Only remove ram if you know what you are doing – you can quite easily damage your components if you are not use to repairing computers.

Fix 3 – ATI users XP and Vista – Total Fix of the atikmdag error on my System

*Warning* You do all of this at your own risk – I am not responsible if anything goes wrong

Update 30.9.2007: I managed to totally remove my atikmdag error now following the information below

My PC Build:

  • P5W DH Deluxe
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 6300
  • 2gb Geil Ram 800 mhz
  • Radeon HIS IceQ3 Turbo 1950 Pro

Stage 1

  1. Disable UAC – Vista Users (see below) – reboot
  2. Disable any Antivirus software
  3. Remove Current drivers
  4. Reboot into safe mode – to do this you wait until after the bios screen has disappeared (bios is the start-up screen) then tap the F8 key until the windows booting options come up – select safe mode
  5. Run Driver cleaner – select the following options below and then click start

    Driver cleaner

    Driver cleaner

  6. Empty your recycle bin
  7. Reboot into normal mode
  8. Install Catalyst 7.9
  9. Turn Antivirus and UAC back on
  10. Reboot your PC

Stage 2

This stage is what removed the error for me. My ATI card is a HIS Ice3q 1950 Pro which is an overclocked video card. Doing some research I found that it wasn’t very stable running at the speeds it is set at, so I made one small change to the VPU clock speed. Obviously I don’t know what card you have and weather this will make any difference for you, but I can say that before most games had this error every 5 minutes of game play and after I haven’t had the error since.

On the ATI tool main menu you will have your graphics card clock speeds. My core speed was 621 I reduced this to 600 and pressed set clock – the tool set it to 594 – I saved the profile and that was it – that little adjustment removed the error. Your graphics card will run at different speeds to mine, but it might be worth dropping the core speed by 20 points to test if this works – also make sure you go to stage 3 as well.

VPU Clock Before

VPU Clock Before

VPU Clock after

VPU Clock after

Stage 3

  • In ATI tool select the setting button – bottom right of the main panel
  • At the top – open the menu and scroll down and choose ‘Fan control’
  • Tick the box ‘Override Fan Speeds’
    The ATI Tool

    The ATI Tool

    Select dynamic based on GPU temperature and set it up like the screenshot above – save this profile so you can load it the next time you need it – then press apply – *Warning* – Some say that fix the percentage at 100% and that’s it, but I wouldn’t advise that as you may wear out your fan much faster than normal.

I’m hoping the above has also fixed your error – if it has or hasn’t leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Fix 4 – Various methods that work for some – Vista Users

Reading through all the hundreds of posts I took down notes and kept a record of what worked for some people, some responded saying that it worked, some say it made no difference. So give some of these a try and see if it makes a change.

Turning off Aero: Start / control panel / under appearance and personalization / change the color scheme / Select Windows classic theme and apply.

Turning off UAC (User Account Control) – *Warning* UAC is designed to help keep your PC more secure – try this if nothing else works, turn it back on if it doesn’t help.



Type msconfig into the search bar (pic below) – run the program

Select tools and scroll down to disable UAC and click launch (see pic) – reboot your PC

System Config

System Config

Fix 5 – More Possible solutions to the atikmdag / nvlddmkm error

This is basically as far as it goes for now, but these are few other fixes that you could try:

Fixes from comments below:

Robb from Canada:

Had the same problem until I set my bios setting to auto! Now everything is good to go!

Steve from Australia:

If you are using EXTENDED DESKTOP WITH DUAL MONITORS then disable it and revert back to using one monitor.Ta Da! no more crashes!

Greg from UK:

I have got the system stable by uninstalling the ati driver and using the standard vista vga driver, aero and window transparency don’t work, nor do any of the screen savers but no more BSOD..

Still Isn’t Fixed? – if you still have problems or can offer a solution to the atikmdag or nvlddmkm error please post a comment below – Thanks!


  • Jay

    I had this problem for years. It was finally gone when I changed my motherboard (as it failed). I had ASUS motherboard and replaced it with a less known manufacturer -> all problems solved.

  • NKP

    Actually, at the moment the problem only disappears when I remove any (non-onboard) sound card (tried different cards, all “cause” the error when built in). Any ideas about that?

  • Chris K

    Hi Guys

    I just read this on another website:

    “The issue occurs when the Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) feature available in Windows Vista® and Windows 7 detects that the graphics card (GPU) has not responded within a predetermined period of time and reinitializes it with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) to prevent the need to reboot. There is no single cause for a TDR event to be triggered.”

    There is no single cause, so it can be either software or hardware or a combination of both…….

  • John

    Aside from fixing GAME.DLL error, a registry repair instrument could also prevent crashes with your computer. Thus, you’ll be able to help improve and boost the performance of one’s computer devoid of having to ask an expert to do it and without the need of having to spend an excessive amount for it to obtain done. Registry repair equipment also resolve other operating system related errors moreover several much more.

  • stewie

    Tried everything and no luck, then i found this site, tried most things on here but the thing that seems to work best is running my 4 core CPU on 2 cores. Vista x64 ultimate.

  • Jano

    Luke, yor solusion is perfect.
    Additional- laptop is more coldnes

    I believe it is caused by the TDR delay (win 7 and vista), I found something about it on the microsoft website and after playing around found this works 95% of the time. It does still crash, but probably about once every few weeks instead of every 5 mins.

    Win 7 users — Start -> Run (if not there ctrl, alt, del -> taskmanager ->file -> run)

    Type regedit press enter, then yes on the user account control pop up.

    Using the left hand pane navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control GraphicsDrivers. The right side of the window should have two keys, default and something about a kernal.

    Right click an empty space below these two files. Select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value, Rename it TdrDelay (case sensitive), next right click it and select modify. Change the default value to 7 and click OK. Exit the regeditor and reboot.

    — Note, YOU MUST CHANGE THE DEFAULT VALUE; if you leave it at 0 it will constantly reset the graphics driver. Choose between 3-9. There is an option to change the data between hexadecimal and decimal. I dont know the difference. Mine is on hex and it works, so does the 2 or 3 other computer i done this on.

    IF IT WORKS FOR YOU DO AS I HAVE DONE AND SPREAD THE WORD! The hard part is done just copy and paste.


  • Mark


    Had this problem for about 6 months and had almost given up. Had done all the suggested fixes with the drivers but under clocking the GPU memory by onlu 50 sorted it.
    Using windows 7 with asus HD6670

    Just to comment removing 1 stick of ram will work if its bad RAM but you should be able to test that with memtest. Don’t just run on 1 stick without checking.

  • Demetra

    I guess I have poor PC Stability.

  • Kaulinis Diedas

    Had same problem when playing games like crysis 3, far cry 3. Tried many stuff except reformatting hard drive, nothing worked.

    But one thing fixed this problem, it was related to directx11 and ati drivers (geometric instancing), I just put in game cfg file lines to turn off geometric instancing (r_GeomInstancing = 0) and problem went away for 5 days now, and had like 20 times a day.

  • es_ta

    Windows vista business – had this problem for 2 months, incredibly frustrating.
    Tried fix 1 – uninstall KB952287 – this didn’t help for me.
    Tried fix 5 – change theme to windows classic theme – this seems to have solved the problem.

    Thanks so much for helping!!!!

  • Basil

    Strange type of this problem. It appears only in Dolphin emulator. When I play pc games – its ok, no error.

    But after some time of playing on Dolphin – black screen, videodriver has stopped, ets. I played on Dolphin before, on different revisions, on 32x and 64x kinds of Windows 7. But a while ago… There is this problem. There are no overheating, no overclocking, no errors of RAM in memtest.

    I tried possibility all variants of solving this problem. I asked about it on official Dolphin’s forum too, but there are no helpful answers. I hope on this place.

    My spec. is:
    Cpu AMD Athlon II X4 620 2,6 ghz
    MB Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
    RAM Samsung 6 GB pc3-10666 (1333 mhz)
    VC Nvidia Geforce GT240 DDR5 512
    PS Inwin EN-028 400 W

  • Theresa

    I have windows 7 64, I installed a new Radeon HD 7850 in September. It was working great up until November. In November I upgraded to windows 8 and within a day or 2 I started having hard lockups and once in awhile I’d get a display driver has stopped responding and has recovered error.

    But mostly it would just hard lock. I took it to Compusa and they had it for 2 days running whatever 6 hour program they run that shows if there’s a hardware problem and also updates any outdated drivers. I was told they never had it lock up during those 2 days.

    But within 5 minutes of me having it back home it locked up. I took it back and this time just had them reinstall windows 7 64 again because I thought it was an issue with Windows 8 and the catalyst control center not being fully compatible.

    Got it back the next day and within an hour the same issue with lockups and display driver has stopped responding occurred. I’ve been researching online and trying everything short of removing my Ram to see if it will solve my issue. Ram I have 12gb, but it consists of 6 sticks of 2gb. I just don’t know how well my computer would run on only 2gb (if at all).

    Now that I’m pretty sure these errors didn’t have to do with upgrading to windows 8 I’m wondering if maybe one of the windows updates or catalyst control center updates in November caused this? I just don’t know where to look since my computer has a fresh installation of Windows 7 64 as of 12/20.

  • Damien

    Thanks for this page. Just want to throw in my 2 cents:

    I have had this problem every 2-3 days, 50% of the time going to BSOD.

    I am on Win 7, 64-bit, 6GB of RAM.

    I have tried everything here and what seem to have finally worked for me was removing 1 specific stick of RAM.

    I did run Memtest prior to physically removing the RAM but no problems was detected.

    I had to find the faulty stick only only by trial and error.

    Thus far, 2 weeks with no problems at at all. If I can reach 1 month with no problems, I may try replacing with the faulty stick to see if I can recreate the problem.

    Will post again on my findings.

    Good luck to all with this issue.

  • Kenneth

    Okay – here is what I’ve found out:

    My problem was the hardware, not the software. As soon as I bought a new graphic card everything started working perfectly.

    I guess it was the cooling system, which wasn’t working accurately. Because of this the GPU got too hot -> it turns off.
    I wasn’t sure if I should buy a new cooling system, that’s why I just bought a whole new graphic card. xP …

    Maybe you guys should check the cooling system of your graphic card, that MAY be the problem.

  • ATIKMDAG Is Annoying

    I’ve had this atikmdag stopped responding error for a while now and it’s really getting on my nerves “Big Time”

    I have tried nearly all of the fixes mentioned in various articles on the web. It’s obviously that a lot of people are experiencing the problem judging by the amount of people who have commented on this thread plus all the other forums and posts that mentioned this problem.

    I have had the problem for about 2 months now, it’s becoming quite predictable and seems to happen more with certain games.

    Here is a list of things I have tried without success:

    1. I deleted and then re-installed the New ATI Drivers
    2. Performed a Memtest86 – that came out fine
    3. Checked the voltage, amps and temperature of the graphics card, all are fine
    4. I cleaned the registry, that made no difference
    5. I even flashed the BIOS on the graphics card as well – no difference
    6. I completely removed my operating system and reinstalled it
    7. Upgraded Direct X – no difference

    I am using Vista, I know its old but I am wondering if this problem is happening with other operating systems as well?

    I’m thinking its hardware related, I will try a friends graphics card in the next few weeks to see if it makes any difference.

  • John

    I just read your article on Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding and Has Recovered Fix and want to thank you for it.

  • Kenneth

    Okay – it did’nt work … same problem as before.

  • Kenneth

    Same here – while playing Skyrim I got a pixel-party and afterwards I got a black screen + the classical message. I tried almost everything I found on the internet to get rid of it – nothing helped. (Athlon II x2, HD4890, 2 GB DDR2).

    Then I used the system restore programme from Windows, to the point where I installed DirectX … Even if I’ve deleted Skyrim (Rage-Mode) it seems to have worked, because I am able to run SWTOR without any issues.

    Don’t know how long it’ll last … so expect me to write again if it didn’t worked out on the long-run.

  • Riley

    I think you need to update to another Windows like windows 7 Windows xd or something

  • Ian

    Thanks helpful article about chmod. I use core ftp, its simple to use and free. Thanks!

  • Alper

    My first post is above: Posted at 3:37am on May 10th, 2012

    Stopping hardware acceleration worked only for about two weeks… Still having same problem, and still need help

  • Facundo

    Still no solid fix? this is making me sick… I always manage to fix it with some of the methods posted here, but it works for a couple of days and then comes back…

  • Brendan

    I built my machine with high quality parts several years ago, and have been plagued by this problem ever since. Very disappointing. At first I thought it was from using Vista 64, but have since seen many others have the same problem. I have tried checking my memory, reg cleaning, driver changing, underclocking etc. Disabling or turning up TDR resulted in a complete system lockup. I have more or less given up. The problem only happens when gaming. The only thing I have not tried is either removing RAM or removing a GPU and why should I have to cripple my system to get it to work? If I knew if was a bad mobo/gpu/ram/OS I would replace the component but I am not buying new components when I am not certain it will fix this insidious problem. I will wait until this machine dies completely and then will buy a crapppy out of the box pc.

    Vista 64
    ASUS P6T
    i7 920
    2x BFG 285 GTX
    3x2GB Corsair XMS3
    Corsair TX850W

  • Alper

    First of all, many thanks. Many thanks for the heros: the founders of this site 🙂 What a helpful site!

    I was about to get used to having the “stop respond and recover” error followed by blue screen when opening so many internet explorer windows which contain videos. I stopped hardware acceleration from flash player settings and so far no more problems occured. Special thanks to ALEX, RAMON and http://www.repairyourpcnow.com

  • E

    Hey guys, I posted earlier about a couple of fixes I tried that did seem to temporarily fix the problem, unfortunately it returned a short while afterwards, but I think Ive found a permanent solution.

    When only using one stick of RAM in the computer I didnt experience this problem at all, this made it quite obvious that my problem was being caused by the RAM, even though memtest showed no faults in either module. I simply bought new RAM and havent experienced this problem in a long time.

    If using only one stick of RAM fixes this problem for you, then I think its fair to say that the problem can be fixed by replacing your RAM

    Good luck!

  • Carsten

    Uninstall “Catalyst Control Center”, drivers and other stuff don’t uninstall – works for me. Before I received every day described error. (ATI 6870)

  • Nghĩa Phạm Trọng


    How did you change it? I checked my BIOS and couldn’t see anything like PCI or PCI-E

  • Peludinho

    In the BIOS, i don’t know why but my PRIMARY DISPLAY ADAPTER was set as PCI. I changed to the correct one “PCI-E” and the problems vanished.

  • Ryan

    Running Windows Vista

    Games Like WoW will run but Runescape won’t?

    Getting the Atk error message 15 seconds into game and it drops. Not sure where to find my program to underclock speed? any help is apreciated

  • E

    Not sure exactly which of these worked for me, and I don’t want to get my hopes up too high as it has only been a couple of hours without the problem (although it was happening every 10 minutes before), but here’s what I did:


    Did sc2fan’s advice of clearing the registry using ccleaner (thanks for that), turned out there was 155 ATI-related registry problems, fixed them all using ccleaner. (this fix was the first one I did and it was done quite a while before the others and I experienced no crashes, so this could be the one that really fixed it for me)

    I under-clocked my GPU core clock by around 20 Mhz as advised by many people here

    This was posted by someone called yellowblood on a youtube video relating to this problem:

    “In the control panel, go to “Power Options”, “Change plan settings”, “Change advanced…”, and look for “PCI Express” – “Link State Power Management”.

    Make sure that it’s set to “Off”. This will cause Windows 7 to avoid trying to save power by providing less voltage to the GPU, which may be the reason for the crash.”

    Seems like it could be quite helpful to those who’ve tried everything else, this is probably the most inconsistent, random, and stressful PC problem I’ve ever come across, some fixes point to Hardware, Drivers, Registry, even only having one stick of RAM in the motherboard rather than two, it seems this problem has many ca** and trail and error is the only way to fix it. Here’s to hoping the problem doesn’t come back!

    Good luck people

  • Francesco

    I mainly had the random freeze problem which appeared just 2 months after I bought my laptop (3 yrs ago). I experienced driver not responding only playing Sins of a Solar Empire.

    Unfortunately none of the proposed solutions worked for me.
    Three monts ago I formatted and restored all to factory settings (RTM OS included), now everything works again.

    I’m on a Toshiba p300 with ATI mobility hd3470, Vista home premium

  • Daryl M

    2 brand new PC’s I built last year have been rendered useless by this problem. Both PC’s have different components, this error seems to have no consistency, the only consistent factor is that both computers are running Windows 7! Microsoft should be providing their customers with a solution. I have literally tried everything, new graphics cards, up to date drivers, old drivers, RAM, etc.

    The 2 temporary workarounds I found were these…

    1) Uninstall ATI drivers and Catalyst Control Center. This will force Windows to use the standard graphics drivers. The screen resolution wont be amazing, but it will enable you to use your pc. This work around wasn’t ideal for me as I do a lot of design work and need a good resolution on my screen. But it did stop the atikmdag error.

    2) If you are using a multi-core processor, set Windows to single core following these steps..

    Control Panel —> System & Security —> Administrative Tools —> System Configuration —>

    This will open a box with 5 tabs. Select the Boot tab, and then click ‘Advanced Options’

    Click ‘Number Of Processors’ and select 1 from the drop down menu. Then click ok.

    I will add, to revert back to multi cores you will need to go through the same process, and on the ‘number of processors screen’ untick the box, click ok and restart your computer. The reason for this is if the ‘number of processors’ box is unchecked this forces Windows to revert to using all available processors on start-up.

    Again this work around isnt ideal. Running in single processor mode can be a pain especially for someone like me who needs to run large graphic design and daw applications. But for everyday use like browsing etc it is acceptable.

    Hope these help someone. I have repeatedly emailed Microsoft complaining about their poor response to this issue.
    If you would also like to complain this is the email I have been using – directx@microsoft.com

  • sc2fan

    I have an ATI Radeon 5770. Since I bought my card I have experienced the Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding but has recovered issue and in Windows and also while playing Starcraft2. This issue also caused Dragon Age origins to crash CONSTANTLY.

    My fix was to clean my registry. CCleaner actually found some old Starcraft 2 registry and ATI video card entries, which were removed. I played Starcraft 2 for 30 minutes last night and today for another 30 minutes.

    Also I want to note that I tested a Nvidia GTX560 as well and the Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding but has recovered also occurred in Windows 7 professional 64 bit.

    I really hope cleaning the registry fixes this issue for you too!

  • Marius

    First of all thx for this site.

    I had artifacts and BSOD right after I launch Win7 64 when replaced GPU for a new one. I’ve tried with TdrDelay and RAM but no results. Uninstall CCC and install Display Driver Only and it’s working since then.

    My spec:
    Win7 64, HD6870

  • Marius

    ATI user HD6870, Win7 64, uninstall CCC (11.12) and install only Display Driver in Safe Mode. Works for me.

  • Nghĩa Phạm Trọng

    BSOD appears again even though I edited the registry TdrDelay with value 7. The solution of Luke doesn’t work for me.
    I’ll try to disable ULPS/ raise the GPU voltage. Hope it will work…
    P.S: Sorry for my English if it’s bad. I speak Vietnamese.

  • Nghĩa Phạm Trọng

    Awesome! Luke, thankyou very very much!

    My DELL V3450 with AMD Radeon HD 6630M crashes with BSOD 0x116 anytime gaming. I’d tried to do many things to fix this error, such as:
    > Update driver
    > Install different versions of windows
    > Check my RAM, HDD
    > Disable hardware acceleration
    > Disable Aero
    > Change from 4 to 2 cores
    > Underclock GPU

    but nothing worked untill I saw your solution. It seems stable for a long time playing games. I’ll follow it if there’ll be any more crash.

    Thanks again!

  • Thu Win

    I have a HP p6792uk Desktop that keep crashing whenever I tried to change the settings of the Microsoft Lifecam software.

    I fixed the problem by uninstalling ALL the Catalyst program *using Add/remove and selecting “express” uninstall. Then I reinstall the drivers from the manufacturer (OEM, in this case HP) website. The I went to the ATI Website and did an update but did not opt for the AMD Vision Control Center (using the ATI Control Center of the HP original update).

    For more details see http://forums.amd.com/game/messageview.cfm?catid=260&threadid=157989&enterthread=y.

  • Nate

    Thank you to the most recent post! INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. I have windows 7 and it has been crashing in adobe after affects while trying to use a particle effect, APPRECIATED GREATLY!

  • Tommy

    I use Windows 7 32 and in my case I have both an ATI and an Nvidia card totalling 6 monitors.

    I would get the BSOD often with error 116 and the same driver mentioned. Eventually what fixed my problem was to use the nvidia beta drivers and uninstalled all panels (ATI and Nvidia) and use only the drivers.

    Then once I disabled Aero by using the classic theme, it all became insanely stable.

  • Craig

    Just like to share my solution to this problem. I have a HD6950 that was locking up all the time while gaming (not BSD).

    Tried everythingn under the sun for days trying to fix. Finally i installed some ‘default’ Realtek HD audio drivers NOT the drivers packaged with my motherboard. Everything was stable thereafter.

    Here is the link http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsCheck.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=24&PFid=24&Level=4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

  • Alex

    After two years I formated my HD and installed Windows Vista SP2 again. I just installed 3d softwares for my work and no games.

    Two weeks and no more red dots, white horizontal lines or bluescreen caused for Atikmdag.sys or Atikmpag.sys.

    When I used Firefox I installed flashplayer 11 from Adobe and some hours later … Bluescreen caused for dxgkrnl.sys and atikmpag.sys!

    What I did? Disabled the Adobe Flash Player hardware acceleration and no more bluescreen! 🙂

    Of course… I installed my PC games and until now all work fine!

    I am using:
    >Windows Vista SP2 x64 with all updates
    >Directx 10
    >Catalyst Version 11.7

  • oreste

    i had this problem too:
    “Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding” while playing demanding games (after 5-30 mins)

    what didnt work for me:

    -uninstalling KB952287
    -messing with msconfig boot menu
    -desactivating/uninstalling CCC
    -clean reinstall of windows vista
    -tried many versions of drivers with clean reinstall (safeboot and driversweper)
    -overclocking GPU/memory

    WHAT WORKED: underclocking both GPU and MEMORY through CCC

    my setup: home made computer
    -i5 2500k
    -sapphire HD6950
    -gskill sniper 2*4gb 1600mhz
    -black caviar 1To
    -MB P8P67
    -CCC 11.9

  • Robin

    After more than 10 hours of trying to fix that c***, I downloaded MSI Afterburner, clocked my GPU down for 10% and it seems to work, l0l00ll0l0l0l0l00ll0.

  • Ramon

    Hello World,
    I am an IT Professional and enthusiastic gamer. 15 years in the job. Experienced and also desperate due to this issue.

    I encountered the TDR issue 4 times with 3 different system configurations, triggered by at least 4 different ca** and solved by 4 different actions.

    My current system:
    AMD Phenom II BE@3.4 Ghz, 4GB Mushkin DDR3@1333MHz, ASUS Crosshair Formula 3, Sapphire Radeon 6950/2GB Dirt Edition, PSU Enermax ProModu 550W, all hardware running with default settings, Windows 7 Professional 64bit / Ubuntu Linux 11.04 64 bit, entire system and drivers are up to date

    1.Configuration / Issue (occured 2-3 years ago):
    Windows Vista Premium 32 bit, all available updates and service packs installed, all drivers up to date, no OC. Bought a new NVIDIA GF9800GTX ExoEdition. No problems at all, while working with standard applications (Mozilla, Office), but massive problems when operating at large workloads. Solution: Built in a new PSU 550W and happy, until …

    2.Configuration / Worst Issue (occured 1.5 years ago):
    Upgraded to Windows 7 64bit in the meantime. System became very unstable, BSOD and TDR issue occured permanently and randomly. It took me weeks to solve. Although memtest reports no errors I decided to swap the RAM as long as it was in warranty. Problem solved, but …

    3.Configuration / Issue (occured 6 months ago):
    Deja vu? Screen becomes blank, then reappearing with a message so familiar to me: “The display driver has stopped working … nvkrnl.dll … and has recovered … and so on”. Noticed also some flickering green dots on the screen. To keep it short: There were some or more cold solder joints on the graphics adapter’s PCB.

    I considered the oven trick (always worth a try) considered the ROHS compliance (lead-free soldering) in my plan and set it to 220° C, (duh! damn metric system! that’s 428°F) after dismantling the fans, cooler and plastic parts, and resoldered the joints while leaving the PCB in for 10 mins in the pre-heated oven. Great trick, isn’t it? But unfortunately this didn’t work for me, so …

    4.Configuration / issue (occured less than 2 months ago):
    I bought a new graphics adapter. This time it should be something completely different. Powerful. Reliable. Future proof. The Sapphire Radeon 6950 Dirt Edition with 2GB VideoRAM. After decades of using Nvidia in true conviction. Yeeeeeeessss, Sir!! I assume you will already know what happened next…

    No problems while gaming, great performance, but severe problems when idle or when simply surfing the web or writing emails. “The display driver has stopped working, the warp core will be ejected, all personnel evacuate immediately.” OK. This time it was software related. I tried the same with Ubuntu Linux using the proprietary driver and no problem occured.

    If you are unsure if this problem is hardware related or not, I recommend you should do the same. There is even no need to install Ubuntu, you may simply boot from a Live CD and btw, you might even like it …
    The next thing you should do is to boot into Windows, check if your driver and additional software is up to date, enter AMD VISION Engine Control Center –> Performance –> Graphics Overdrive and disable all AMD Overdrive features available, apply and reboot.

    This solved my problem so far, I have no loss of performance, and I hope this works in the same way for you, and also for me in the future.

    My conclusion:

    It’s very, very hard to determine whatever may cause this issue. I’m afraid this will persist, as long as Microsoft will develope another more precise error reporting and response to certain different hardware and software issues.

    Especially the 4th case might be a problem of dynamic over/underclocking (a.k.a. switching between High Performance and Energy Saving Mode), causing the driver not to respond in a predefined time. If this is the case, you can try to increase the tdr_value in registry to match your requirements, or simply disable this feature like described above.

    If you are in doubt what hardware you should use to circumvent such problems, I would point to Nvidia. The software is mature and works like expected. But thats my opinion only. Decide yourself.

    However, finally I would like to thank the administrator for taking care of this nasty problem and also for keeping this thread alive. At least, it felt good to experience, not to be the only one with such problems.

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