Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding and Has Recovered – Part 2

Have you had this warning message with your ATI graphic card?

“ATIKMDAG has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

This is something many users have experienced, especially when playing full-screen games. What happens is that the system freezes all of a sudden, goes completely black and reappears with the above warning message about the display driver ATIKMDAG not responding.

The issue is caused by atikmdag.sys, which is a core file of the ATI driver. Sometimes, the computer crashes completely and displays a blue screen of death (BSOD) to users. The problem is particularly acute for those who have Windows Vista on their laptops, and not so much for those who have Windows 7 and Windows 8. The methods given here will help you deal with this problem.

Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding and Has Recovered – Part 1

Install the Latest Graphic Drivers

Installing the latest graphic drivers is the best way to solve any problem related to graphic cards. When you get a new graphic card installed on your system, you are better advised not to install the driver that comes with the hardware. Instead, you should go to the ATI or nVidia website to look for the latest drivers. Download and install the latest graphic driver, and then restart the computer. See if solves the problem, otherwise, try the method given next.

Clean Up the Registry

The registry is where you keep all the information such as which hardware is attached, how the computer memory is set up, what are the system options that have been selected, what are the application programs that are started when the operating system is started and so on.

When the registry is corrupted, this causes the display driver to malfunction, and that’s why it has to be cleaned. The best way to clean up an affected registry is to use a program such as Ccleaner. Windows does not have a built-in registry cleaner, so you will have to rely on third-party software for this.

Clean Your Registry For Free

Ccleaner cleans junk files and scans the registry for errors

Ccleaner cleans junk files and scans the registry for errors

There is a free version of Ccleaner that will scan and clean your registry for free, it also backups beforehand.

Ccleaner – Junk file remover and registry cleaner

Uninstall Windows KB952287 patch

Simply uninstall the windows “KB952287″ update. This has solved the “display driver ATIKMDAG not responding” issue for many. Read the instructions given here to find out how to uninstall problematic Windows updates. How To Uninstall a Problematic Windows Update

Replace atikmdag.sys in Your System File

The fourth method, which should work, provided you follow the steps given below well, is to have your ATI drivers replaced. The steps given below explain how to do that. But if you are confused at any stage, it would be better to consult with a professional technician, preferably one who knows how to modify system files.

Step 1: Go to C:Windows\System32\drivers and look for atikmdag.sys. Hover your mouse over it and find out if it has a different driver version than the latest version available on the ATI website. If so, it needs to be replaced.

Step 2: Download the latest version of the ATI driver and extract its contents using 7zip.

Step 3: Rename the old atikmdag.sys file to atikmdag.sys.old.

Step 4: Now, in the new folder with the extracted file, look for atikmdag.sy_ and copy it to the WindowsSystem32drivers folder.

Step 5: Do as follows: start menu->programs->accessories->right click command prompt->Run as Administrator).

Step 6: Go to Windows\System32\drivers folder and type “expand atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys”

Step 7: Restart the computer.

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This method should solve the problem entirely.

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