What Causes Computer Errors?

Computer errors can cause you a lot of stress and frustration; sometimes they can even drive you to the point of throwing them across the room. The real problem, though, is that they happen so frequently. To make things worse, there are lots of causes. There could be a programming error within Windows itself causing your computer error.

Potentially you could have a virus, or a lot of spyware causing your computer error. If you try and open too many programs at once, your computer can freeze causing yet another computer error. There are so many causes for computer errors, but some of them can be preventable with a little PC Maintenance.

The Dreaded Registry Can Cause Many Errors

One of the main causes for computer errors is a corrupt Windows registry. The Windows registry is a database of files that stores all sorts of information. It stores anything from multi-user preferences to software and hardware information. So, as you can imagine, it is fairly important. Unfortunately this is something incredibly easy to corrupt, and it causes lots of computer errors.

You can corrupt your registry by simply botching an uninstall on some program. This can add or remove a certain file that is required by another vital program, and you will get an error. Your registry is incredibly important, and you need to keep it working properly to avoid computer errors. Thankfully, that is pretty easy.

Warning *Only for Advanced Computer Users*

To fix registry problems, and the computer errors caused by them, really depends on how good you are with computers. If you are pretty good, then you can use the editor that is built into most newer versions of Windows. To do this click, on the start button, then choose run, and type in regedit.exe. This will open the registry editor. From here you can back up and edit your registry, which is an important step in fixing computer errors.

Registry Cleaners are the Safest option

For people who don’t know what they are doing, you can purchase a registry cleaner that does it all for you. You can set it to scan and back up automatically once per week. This way your registry never becomes corrupt, and you never experience the associated computer errors.

While you are setting up your registry cleaner to do its thing once per week, you should also start to do the same with your virus scan. Keeping your virus scan updated will help stop one of the main causes of computer errors: viruses! Viruses aggressively attack important parts of your computer’s software. This can cause tons of computer errors. If a virus seriously infects your system, you may have to reformat your hard drive, losing all of your important files and folders. So keep your virus scan current to avoid computer errors, and be sure to backup any important files.

Keep Windows Updated Which Can Fix Many Errors

Another thing you should always keep current is your Windows operating system to avoid computer errors. You should always download the latest updates for your OS. These will help to fix any programming errors that have been found over time. Computer errors are inherent in most programming codes, and these updates help to prevent these computer errors from happening again by fixing the code that is glitching.

If you are still having computer errors or problems, then your system could be infected with spyware and adware. If you surf the Internet a lot, you probably have this common set of computer errors. It seems to be everywhere. You can purchase software that detects and gets rid of the spyware for you, and just like with the virus scan, you can set it up to scan and update automatically. Most virus scans contain some adware scanning abilities, and they are a great method of preventing computer errors.

More Causes of Computer Errors

Another point of frustration is when you try to open a couple programs at once (instant messaging, music player, and e-mail), and as a result, your computer stalls. This can be one of a couple common computer errors. First, you may not have enough random access memory (RAM). Second, you could be experiencing a registry problem. Last, it is possible that your hard drive is full.

Luckily, even though it could be any one of these problems, they all come with fairly simple solutions. If it is your RAM, you could potentially buy more. RAM chips are cheap these days, but in order to prevent further computer errors, be sure to bring your computer tower with you when you make a purchase.

If it’s your registry, a good registry cleaning, as mentioned above, should take care of the problem. If it’s your hard drive, you may have to remove some of those programs you never use to prevent computer errors. Make sure you uninstall them properly. You can also run your scan disk utility to delete a lot of files that Windows created a long time ago and no longer uses.

Run a Scan Disk to Detect any Errors with Your Disk Drive

To do run scan disk, go to the start menu. Click on programs, and then accessories. You should see it there. While you are there, you should also check your hard drive for errors and run the disk defragmenter. Both tasks are time consuming, but they can really save you a lot of grief later.

Proper PC maintenance is extremely important to prevent computer errors. No matter what seems to be causing your error, be sure to investigate it thoroughly to avoid a system crash in the future.

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  • Kenneth Gladman

    My laptop seems to have slowed down a bit in the last year. I don’t know what has happened but I feel like it may have caught a virus. I didn’t realize how registry cleaners could be so beneficial. I will have to look into that.

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