What Causes Registry Corruption?

Cleaning the registry

There are many things that can corrupt your Windows Registry; anything from deleting certain software to being infected with viruses are common causes. If your Windows registry becomes corrupted, you will get lots of warnings, and your computer will really start to slow down.

However, the worst part of this problem it is really easy to corrupt your Windows registry. You can do it yourself and have no idea that you’ve done it. You should always make a backup of your Windows registry, and the process is pretty easy.

How Registry Corruption Begins

If you are sitting on your computer and feel you have to delete a program or game to free up some space on your hard disk, you wouldn’t be alone. That’s one of the most common computing tasks. So, what would you do? Like anyone, you would uninstall this piece of software, and then reset your computer.

When it reboots, though, what if you get an error message? This is one of the many possible Windows registry corruption scenarios. What you have likely done is deleted a file in the Windows registry that is associated with some other program. Now, instead of having more space like you’d planned, your Windows system is giving you an error problem that makes a successful computing experience impossible.

Computer Viruses Can Cause Havoc and Wreak The Registry

Another scenario could be that someone has hacked into your computer and changed things within your Windows registry. Alternately, you have downloaded a virus. The easiest way to avoid both of these problems is to get an anti-virus program as well as a firewall. These methods aren’t always foolproof, though. Hackers and viruses could still get in and mess with your registry. This is why it is always best to do a backup of your Windows registry, and burn it on a CD for safekeeping.

As these scenarios show, it isn’t hard to corrupt your Windows registry. If you install a new driver, add a new game, or uninstall a program like a game, things are added and removed from your registry. This can cause errors within the Windows registry that can slow down or crash your computer. All in all, these tiny registry problems will cause problems with your system’s performance.

Moreover, if you choose to edit your own registry, this can also cause a corrupt Windows registry. You may delete something you shouldn’t have or added something that conflicts with the other programs. The best way to avoid a corrupt registry is to make a backup using a registry repair utility and then proceed to scan and clean your registry using the best registry cleaner you can find, a descent registry cleaner will include both cleaning and backup features. Trying to fix the problem on your own can be a very bad idea.

What To Do About a Corrupted Registry

Don't worry too much about a corrupted registry

Don’t worry too much about a corrupted registry

If your Windows registry becomes corrupted, don’t throw the computer out the window.  You still have a few options. Of course, if you have tried a few things, and it still is causing errors and crashes, then you may have to reformat your hard disk and reinstall Windows, this is only in extreme cases, in most situations you should be able to clean and repair your registry . A complete format will cause you to lose some of those precious files and documents, but this is why it is also incredibly important to always backup your files on a weekly or monthly basis.

Saving a Copy of Your Registry

There are a few ways to backup your Windows Registry. If you are using an older version of Windows, then you can find a program on your Windows CD to make a backup for you. On the newer versions of Windows, a backup is usually done automatically. Reading your computer manual or a quick visit to the Windows website will help you learn more about whether or not your registry is automatically backed up.

Windows XP and Vista create restore points, use this feature before you make any major changes to your system, as any problems that arise can easily be resolved by simply reverting back to a previous restore point.

Registry Editing Warning – *Only for Advanced Computer Users*

If your Windows registry has become corrupted, and you are savvy enough that you can edit your own registry, then there is a program built within your copy of Windows that you can use to edit. If you click on your ‘Start Menu,’ then go to ‘Run’ and type in ‘regedit.exe’, an editor should start up. With the Windows registry editor, you can make a copy and burn it onto a CD for safe keeping in case your registry does become corrupted.

Registry Restoration Warning – * Only for Advanced Computer Users*

To restore your corrupted Windows registry from a backed up file is incredibly easy. If you are using Windows XP, all you have to do is open the .REG file that you created using the registry editor, and Windows will merge it into the Windows registry automatically. If you are using an older version of Windows, then you will have to restart your computer into DOS mode and load the .REG file that way. There are also software programs you can buy to help fix your Windows registry. Just do a little research to find one that works for you.

A Registry Cleaner is the Safest Option
Clean the registry

To take any concern you may have about creating a backup of your registry, it may be a safer option to purchase a competent registry cleaner, it will create a registry backup and restore your registry with one simple mouse click. They also identify invalid entries within your registry, when removed these can have a dramatic effect on system performance.

Your Windows registry is a database of everything you do within Windows and playing with it can be very bad. If you’re not experienced, letting someone else do it for you is a great idea. Always remember to make a backup of your Windows registry and keep it elsewhere for safekeeping.

Clean Your Registry For Free

Ccleaner cleans junk files and scans the registry for errors

Ccleaner cleans junk files and scans the registry for errors

There is a free version of Ccleaner that will scan and clean your registry for free, it also backups beforehand.

Ccleaner – Junk file remover and registry cleaner

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