Essential Features of a Registry Cleaner

Simple Tips On How to Choose a Good Registry Cleaner

There are all sorts of registry cleaners out on the market these days. It may be hard to decide which one to buy. They all sort of do the same thing, and while some do have added features, some are pretty simple. Choosing the right registry cleaner depends on what you want to do with it.

What is the Registry?

A Windows registry is a database that contains all the information required to make a computer work. It contains information on both your computer’s software and hardware. It also contains multi-user preferences. The registry can become corrupted easily.

This is why a registry cleaner is so important. You can corrupt your registry without even knowing it. All it takes is one botched installation, and your computer can start getting all sorts of errors, which is why a registry cleaner can be so important.

Features To Look For in a Registry Cleaner

When looking for a registry cleaner, make sure you find one that not only cleans, but also backs up the files inside the registry. Doing a backup is incredibly important, and it can really save you a lot of pain down the line. You should do a backup fairly regularly even when you’re using a registry cleaner.

Another feature you may want in a registry cleaner is one that will merge your backed up registry with the corrupt one easily. Newer versions of Windows will merge a .REG file into the registry without even asking you. This is a good thing. You should find a product that will do all the scanning and updating for you. This way you can set it to do its work once a week or every day if you want. With a good registry cleaner, this will always be an option.

Look for a Clean User-Friendly Interface

You will want to find a registry cleaner that has an interface you feel you can use. There are registry cleaner products out there that are better suited for experts rather than novices. Make sure you find one you think you can use at a price you can afford. Remember, the most expensive registry cleaner isn’t always the best, so look for the product that is perfect for you.

Free Technical Support

Some registry cleaner products come with free support for its users. This may appeal to you. If so, look for registry cleaner products that have this. Not too many do, but if it’s a feature you like, try and find one that isn’t just online customer service. Sometimes actually speaking to a person is best.

When searching for a good registry cleaner, make sure you find one that repairs and cleans your registry. Look for a registry cleaner that says “Error Removal” right on the box. This usually means it fixes the file that is actually causing the error in the first place.

Of course all of this may sound like a foreign language to you. If so, consult a professional about the right registry cleaner. Tell him or her what exactly it is you are looking for, and hopefully, the pro can give you a few options to look at, and then you can choose the one that suits you best.

3 Essential Features of a Registry Cleaner:

  1. Accurate scanning
  2. Repair and Back-Up Features
  3. Frequent Software Updates

You want a registry cleaner program that will scan your entire registry, not just parts of it. Of course find something that will do this automatically to save you time. Moreover, you want to find a program that will repair problem files, as well as one that offers regular updates.

Running Solo

If you are pretty good with computers, then you can try to use the registry editor built into most new version of Windows before you buy a registry cleaner.

Warning *Only for Advanced Computer Users*

To find it, go to start, then choose run, and type in regedit.exe. Now you can add or delete files you feel are no longer in use. You can also create a backup this way. If you like this more hands on approach, then go for it, but remember that one wrong move can really mess up your registry and cause lots of errors.

A Registry Cleaner is the Safest Option

When purchasing a registry cleaner, you can’t really go wrong if you follow all the above guidelines. A lot of them offer things that are similar or exactly the same. Although for a little extra money, you can probably get a few extra features on your registry cleaner, remember to find one with an interface you think you can use easily without swearing at your computer screen.

Clean Your Registry For Free

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Ccleaner cleans junk files and scans the registry for errors

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