High Levels of Hard Faults Per Second

Fairly low amount of hard faults

Has your PC been very slow lately? If you have tried everything you could and your PC still doesn’t show any sign of speeding up, you should try starting Windows Research Monitor using the Task Manager. Or open Reliability and Performance Monitor using the Administrative Tools from the Control Panel.

Here, check the utilization rate in the CPU and the hard drive. Pay attention to the section called “Memory”. It shows something called “hard faults/Sec”.

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Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding and Has Recovered – Part 2

Have you had this warning message with your ATI graphic card?

“ATIKMDAG has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

This is something many users have experienced, especially when playing full-screen games. What happens is that the system freezes all of a sudden, goes completely black and reappears with the above warning message about the display driver ATIKMDAG not responding.

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Rats Webgl Hit A Snag Chrome Fix

Have you had this problem: “Rats! WebGL hit a snag.” Usually, you get this message in the error bar on Google Chrome. So what is it all about? Before we tell you about it, let’s understand a little about WebGL.

WebGL or Web Graphics Library is a JavaScript API that helps with rendering interactive 3D computer graphics and 2D graphics on any compatible web browser, without requiring the use of plug-ins.

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4 Causes of Long Delays When Right Clicking On Files

Why does Windows file explorer right click take so long?

You may have experienced this problem with the new Windows 8.1 or earlier versions of windows – when you right-click on anything on the desktop or the Windows Explorer, the right-click menu takes a long time, around 10 to 25 seconds, to load.

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Display Driver ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding and Has Recovered Fix

Solutions For Fixing The Annoying Atikmdag BSOD or Blue Screen of Death

** Note – This Article is Very Old Now and May Not Be of Much Help – We Have Updated This Article With a Newer Version That Might Be of More Help **

ATIKMDAG Stopped Responding Part 2

Some of the comments at the bottom of this article may be of help though.

Purpose of this article

This error has been a constant problem on my new PC for the last 8 months. This particular error exists on both ATI and Nvidia cards and on a whole range of different PC builds.

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What Causes Registry Corruption?

Cleaning the registry

There are many things that can corrupt your Windows Registry; anything from deleting certain software to being infected with viruses are common causes. If your Windows registry becomes corrupted, you will get lots of warnings, and your computer will really start to slow down.

However, the worst part of this problem it is really easy to corrupt your Windows registry. You can do it yourself and have no idea that you’ve done it. You should always make a backup of your Windows registry, and the process is pretty easy.

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The 5 Most Common PC Errors and Problems

We’ve all bought a new pc, brought it home, hooked it up, and began surfing the net and creating documents. It’s fun and easy. As you surf the net, though, you computer will gain cookies. No, they aren’t of the chocolate chip variety, there a bit different than that. Cookies track where you’ve been, and in some cases, help your computer to load sites more quickly. The problem is, though, that if you don’t clear your cookies on a regular basis, they could really slow your machine down.

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