Firefox is Slowing Down My Computer / Firefox is Not Responding

Google Chrome may be the world’s #1 browser, but Firefox is still a popular browser and has been so for a long time. When first released, Firefox was renowned for its speed and compliance with the best standards.

That was before Google Chrome was introduced and when Internet Explore was the only decent browser around. Firefox quickly surpassed Internet Explorer to become everybody’s favorite browser.

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How To Use Chmod | Change Mode

Learn How to Use Chmod On Files and Set the Correct Permissions

So you have a script that you want to install on your computer and as you are reading the instructions, you come across a section about certain directory or file permission that have to be CHMOD 777 or 755, etc. The first thought that pops into your head is, “What is CHMOD?” Many people are not familiar with CHMOD (change mode). » Read more